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Meeting Archive

We're back from the summer break with three exciting presentations, on Thursday, September the 3rd, in the main IRCM auditorium.
September meeting

Thursday April 12th, 2012
Marie-Pierre Dubé

Thursday March 8th, 2012
Jackie Vogel

Thursday February 9th, 2012
Simon Girard

Thursday November 10th, 2011
Éric Lécuyer

Thursday March 10th, 2011
Michael Baym

Thursday January 13th, 2011
Kenneth Edgecombe

Thursday December 16th, 2010
Mathieu Lupien

Thursday November 11th, 2010
Christopher Beck

Thursday October 14th, 2010
Ferran Casals

Thursday September 23rd, 2010
Samuel Levy

Thursday, May 6th 2010
Mike Zody

Thursday April 8th, 2010
Sarah Jenna

Thursday March 11th, 2010
Derek Ruths

Thursday February 11th, 2010
Isidore Rigoutsos

Thursday January 14th, 2010
Vanessa Dumeaux

Thursday, November 12th 2009
Christian Landry

Thursday October 8th, 2009
Mads Kaern

- Thursday September 3rd, 2009
Bioinformatics Symposium 2009

Thursday April 9th, 2009
Julien Gervais Bird

Thursday March 12th, 2009
Hervé Philippe

Thursday February 12th, 2009
Mathieu Blanchette

Thursday January 15th, 2009
Sébastien Lemieux

Thursday December 11th, 2008
Raphaël Gottardo

Thursday November 13th, 2008
Michael Hallett