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Jobs / Internship Positions in Quebec

We often have candidates looking to get hired attending our meetings, as well as announcement of recruitments of bioinformaticians.

Whether you’re looking for a job, an internship, a graduate student position, or a post-phD, MonBUG is a good place to network. We’ll even give you time at the start of the meetup to promote yourself, if you wish to do so.

If you’re looking to hire bioinformaticians, please also feel free to use MonBUG as a recruiting tool. We’ll announce the job openings at the beginning of our meetings, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet potential candidates.

If you would like to post a job opening / internship opportunity, please email us at:

1 job offer

June 27th 2017

Note: The deadline has been extended till the 17th of July. The start date is as soon as possible.


MonBUG is not affiliated with and has not investigated the companies listing jobs on this site.
MonBUG is not making any representations with respect to the positions and is not acting as an agent for the companies listed.