April 2024

Join us on April 17th at 5:00 pm for our second meetup of the year to listen to Laurent Cappadocia who will be delivering a talk titled “AlphaFold as a catalyst for protein research”.

Protein structure prediction recently underwent a revolution through the development of AI-based methods such as AlphaFold. In this talk, we will explore the origins of this revolution. Through selected examples, we will also discuss different methodological avenues and their use to stimulate protein research.

Please note that our event is going to be virtual. We will share the event link and we’ll keep you updated. Look forward to your participation in this online event!

Link for the meeting:

You can also join with YouTube!
YouTube live link: https://youtube.com/live/ByuXAJ76lGk?feature=share

PS: If you want to present in a future event, contact us via Meetup or by email at info[AT]monbug.ca





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