December meeting

Join us December 1st at 4:30pm to listen to our last presentation of the year.

You will hear :
– Vanessa Dumeaux, Challenges and Opportunities of Sperm Epigenoma Profiling

The spermatozoon provides the embryo with genetic and epigenetic information not encoded by DNA sequence variations. During the maturation of male germ cells, the structure of the genome is globally altered: the histones are mostly removed and replaced by the protamines compacting the DNA in the head of the sperm. The localization of the remaining histones could convey important epigenetic information for the development of the embryo, but the profiling of sperm histones is complicated by challenges in the laboratory and in data analysis. In this talk, I will present how we have solved these challenges and study these profiles to elucidate the role of sperm histones in the transmission of epigenetic information and the development of the embryo.

Dr. Dumeaux is currently a Research Scientist at the PERFORM Center and Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Concordia University, as well as a freelance consultant in data science and systems biology. She has had a long-standing interest in the development of RNA-based biomarker signatures in blood, which can be used to inform on exposure (exposome; eg. organic pollutants) and health status (eg. diagnostics of breast cancer, side-effects of radiotherapy).

Two ways to join the meeting :
– via jitsi (link will be available on RSVP on Meetup)
– via YouTube Live:

See you soon!

PS: If you want to present in a future event, contact us via Meetup or by email.

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