Architecte de BD

Institution / Département:
Centre de Pharmacogénomique Beaulieu-Saucier
U. Montréal (Montréal, Canada)

(version française non disponible)
Responsible for all data manipulation and data management tasks for the center. This includes the design and maintenance of databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server) to support internal software development; handling of very large data transformation tasks, often converting very large (100+ gB) flat files into a different format for analysis. Development of internal reporting solutions from several different data sources, using SQL and web-based programmatic solutions (Perl). Needs to be comfortable with data manipulation from a wide variety of data sources (flat files, Excel Spreadsheets, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and custom sources).

Needed skills
– At least two years of professional experience as a data achitect
– Strong data architecture skills
– Strong SQL/PLSQL
– Strong knowledge of Perl
– Strong knowledge of Linux
– Ability to write ETL code
– Knowledge of web-based programming
– Good knowledge of database administration tasks for Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server (backup, restore, cloning and performance tuning)
– Working knowledge of french and english, but spoken and written

Desired skill
– Knowledge of pharmacogenomics or genetics

Date de clôture :
Vendredi, 19 novembre 2010

Contact :
Christopher Beck

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