Michael Baym

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Titre de la Présentation :
BLASTing faster than light: compressive genomics in the next-gen world

Date / Heure / Emplacement:
Jeudi, 10 mars 2011 – 16:00
Salle 232, Édifice Leacock
McGill University
855 Sherbrooke Ouest

Affiliation :
Département de Biologie des Systèmes, Harvard Medical School

Michael Baym

Abstract :
The last several years have seen an unprecedented increase in DNA sequencing capability. The resulting accumulation of data has grown so fast as to far outstrip advances in computational or even storage capabilities. Fundamental algorithmic improvements are necessary if we are to truly make use of these new technologies. In this talk, we present an extension of BLAST on large datasets that not only is faster, but scales sublinearly in the size of the genomic library. More broadly, we introduce compressive genomics, an approach to these increasingly large data sets that allows analysis to be performed directly on the compressed data.


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