June 2022

Join us this June 21 at 4:30pm to listen to Dr Martin Smith
Professor-researcher in bioinformatics at the University of Montreal and at the CHU Sainte-Justine research center.

Title : Exploring the electrifying field of nanopore sequencing: Algorithms and applications in signal space.

Resume :
Nanopore sequencing is revolutionizing the accessibility and sensitivity of genomics research. Once stigmatized for its high error-rate, the latest software and chemistries rival if not outperform other sequencing platforms. Key to these advancements are the study of raw Nanopore data–a time series of electrical current that characterize transiting biological polymers.
I will present an overview of the strengths and challenges of Oxford Nanopore Technologies for the study of multi-comics, with notable emphasis on algorithms and bioinformatics strategies that are unique to the platform (e.g. raw signal and real-time analyses). I will also describe a few specific examples of how we are using Nanopore sequencing in our research.

  • Research area : https://research.chusj.org/en/Axes-de-recherche/Bio?id=720e6d28-01e3-48f6-9c3b-18936c9a1c87

  • Two ways to join the meeting :

via jitsi (link available on RSVP)
via YouTube Live: https://youtu.be/VNM0vV3gmUo

See you soon!

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