Survey Results

In February, we created a survey with a few questions about your interests.  Here is a brief overview of the results (17 responses).

  • 53% of the responders are professionals, 35% are students.
  • 41% of the responders are not interested in participating in a hackathon; 29% would do a full 24h hours, 23.5 % would do it on two Saturdays.
  • 94% of the responders would attend virtual networking events.
  • Regarding a half-day workshop, the most interesting subjects according to the responders are, in order:
      • Newer genomic technologies (scRNA, ATAC-Seq, CrisprKO, etc…) analysis
      • RNA-seq (and gene expression), DNA-Seq analysis
      • Microbiome analysis
      • Databases, text mining and ontologies

We had a few suggestions as well for the workshop: “Machine learning applied to genomics” and “Genetic regulatory network inference”.

Thank you to those of you who answered!

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