Caprion Proteomics

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Caprion Proteomics
(Montreal, Canada Area)

Caprion is seeking a highly motivated individual with experience in bioinformatics and proteomics. The Bioinformatician will perform analysis of proteomic mass spectrometry data using commercial and proprietary software. The successful candidate will also be responsible for evaluating sources of protein annotations and mass spectrometry data, testing analysis software and automating processes to streamline the production pipeline. The Bioinformatician will also be responsible for documenting various steps of the research platform, implementing QC procedures and providing scientific recommendations to improve the quality of the results.

– BSc in Bioinformatics, or equivalent (MS level degree preferred).
– Five years of work experience in genomics, proteomics or related field.
– Experience with a scripting language such as Perl, Python or Ruby.
– Experience with relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL.
– Ability to effectively use SQL to design queries for extraction of data from Oracle and MySQL databases.
– Solid understanding of molecular biology, proteomics and mass spectrometry.
– Strong oral and written communication skills.

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