MonBUG (Montreal Bioinformatics Users Group) is an association of researchers, professionals and students in the greater Montreal area who have an interest in the field of bioinformatics. Through regular presentations we present our work, ask questions, share ideas, tips and tricks.

For bioinformatics events in Vancouver and Toronto, visit our sister groups, VanBUG and TorBUG.


MonBUG organizing team:

Geneviève Boucher (IRIC),

Virginie Calderon (IRCM),
Link with IRCM

Yasmine Draceni,
Recruitment of speakers

Mathieu Lajoie (Goodman Cancer Center),
Link with the Goodman Cancer Center, and recruitment of speakers.

Josette-Renée Landry (Institut du Savoir Montfort, Streamline Genomics Université de Montréal),
Accounting, and sponsorships

Jean-Philippe Laverdure (IRIC),

Mona Parizadeh (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada),
Social media

Christian Poitras (IRCM),
Recruitment of speakers in proteomics

Nadia Tahiri (CReSP, UQAM, ÉTS),
Link with UQAM, and recruitment of speakers


Past members:

Alexis Blanchet-Cohen, CHU Ste-Justine
Alain Bateman, Lady Davis Institute
Alain Bataille
Assya Trofimov, IRIC
Mathieu Blanchette, McGill Center for Bioinformatics (MCB)
Jérôme Waldispühl, McGill Center for Bioinformatics (MCB)
Pierre-Étienne Jacques, IRCM
Sébastien Lemieux, IRIC
Brian Wilhelm, IRIC