Bioinformaticien Junior

Institution / Département:
Centre de Pharmacogénomique Beaulieu-Saucier
U. Montréal (Montréal, Canada)

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Roles and Duties: This position will participate in the development of cutting-edge software applications and suites dedicated to solving the most pressing and complex challenges in translational biomedical science. A Junior-Level Bioinformatician will work closely with senior members of the PGx team and will contribute to all facets of programming and application building. Specific projects may include front-end web interface/web service development, back-end computational programming, algorithm/tool development, or process scripting. Additional responsibilities will consist of specification/documentation writing,
broad-scope and unit-level quality assurance and testing, and diligent code and application maintenance. A junior-level bioinformatician will also be expected to manage project timelines and deadlines and organize team support over multiple project tasks.

– A BA/BS in Computer Science, Information Science, or a related field is required for this position.
– Specific experience with Java/C# and Perl (or an equivalent scripting language) is required.
– Experience creating and managing relational databases and familiarity with UNIX environments is desired.
– Prior web development experience (PHP, HTML, Ruby on Rails) is required for this position.
– At least two years’ programming experience is desired.
– Candidate must show a demonstrated aptitude for learning and programming in new languages, possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Date de clôture :
Vendredi, 19novembre 2010

Contact :
Christopher Beck

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