Spring meeting

Register on http://meetup.com/monbug, or by sending an email at register@monbug.ca.
The next meeting will be on Wednesday, March the 14th, from 17:00 to 18:45 in the André-Barbeau room, at the IRCM.

MonBUG is back with the arrival of spring!
This meeting will be all about R.

Mathieu Lajoie, PhD, will be showing us how he uses R in his genetic analyses. Selin Jessa, author of the R package chromswitch, will be walking us through the steps to submit our own package to Bioconductor, the R repository for bioinformatics packages.

17:00 – 17:05 Introduction and community annoucements
17:05 -17:45 “Getting reliable estimates of tumour purity to improve downstream analyses”, Mathieu Lajoie, PhD, Watson lab
17:40 – 18:05 Break, with snacks and refreshments
18:05 – 18:45 An introduction to Bioconductor package development, Selin Jessa, Kleinman lab

Abstract of Mathieu’s presentation
“Getting reliable estimates of tumour purity to improve downstream analyses. Solid tumour samples are usually contaminated with a highly variable fraction of infiltrating lymphocytes and stromal cells.In this presentation I will describe different approaches to estimate the cancer cell fraction and discuss how this can impact RNAseq and copy number analysis, using TCGA data. R code snippets included.”

We’re always looking for enthusiastic presenters. MonBUG is meant as an informal forum for bioinformaticians to share their research, so don’t be shy about presenting.
Also, if you’re looking for a job, or offering a job, it’s also a great place to network. We’ll even give you the floor to sell yourself at the beginning of the meeting, if you want.

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