May meeting

We have another great line-up.
Dr. Lavallée will be coming from Ottawa to present to us his lab’s research. Jean Monlong will be explaining to us the ins and outs of R Markdown. To learn more about Dr. Lavallée’s research, consult his lab’s website, where he discusses his exciting research applying computational methods, including machine learning, to proteomics data.

We have more plans for the next months, including a hackathon, and getting our t-shirts for the summer. Only speakers get t-shirts, so if you want one, volunteer to give a talk.

Wednesday, May 9th, Room André-Barbeau, IRCM
Register for the meeting at or by sending an email to

17:00 – 17:05 Introduction and community announcements
17:05 – 17:45 Functional 5′ UTR Motif Discovery with LESMoN: Local Enrichment of Sequence Motifs in Biological Networks, Dr. Lavallée
17:45 -18:05 Sandwichs and refreshments
18:05 -18:30 Introduction to R Markdown, Jean Monlong

“I will present the Markdown syntax and how to combine it with the R Markdown package to produce dynamic reproducible reports. R Markdown makes an analysis workflow much more pleasant and saves a lot of time. It’s great for many applications: personal lab notes, data exploration, sharing results with collaborator/supervisor, publishing code with a manuscript.
I’ll show how to convert a simple document with R code into HTML reports, PDF slides and other formats. I’ll also share a few tricks that made my experience easier.”

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