January 2023

Join us for this first meetup of the year 12th January at 4:30pm to listen to Sidki Bouslama who is bioinformatics scientist in Field Applications at Illumina Canada.

Using the Illumina Connected Analytics (ICA) suite to operationalize informatics and drive scientific insights.

Deploying bioinformatics pipelines into a robust production framework is a difficult exercise because of challenges such as workflow standardization and versioning, compute infrastructure costs and requirements, maintaining security/privacy/compliance and limited access to bioinformatics personnel. ICA allows for versatile pipeline development and deployment through industrial grade compute and storage infrastructure, allowing users to rapidly scale up analytics with on-demand cloud compute resources, powerful data warehousing capabilities and protected by data privacy and security policies in compliance with global certifications, fine grained access control and audit logging. In this presentation we will walk through the features of ICA and demonstrate example end to end use-cases of bioinformatics production applications and how this platform can enable bioinformaticians scale up and maximize their operations.

Research area : https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=Wztc_JAAAAAJ&hl=en

Two ways to join the meeting :
via jitsi (link available on RSVP)
via YouTube Live: https://youtu.be/KvZ1Vdms1jQ

See you soon!

PS: If you want to present in a future event, contact us via Meetup or by email at info[AT]monbug.ca

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