March 2024

Join us on March 20th at 5:00 pm for our first meetup of the year to listen to Tatsuya Sakaguchi who will be delivering a talk titled “Mapping Protein-Interaction Quantitative Trait Loci (piQTL) Unveils a Novel Aspect of Gene-Environment Interactions.”

Protein function is mediated by complex interaction networks rather than by the protein alone, but the influence of genetic variation on the formation of these networks and on environmental adaptability remains poorly understood. Here, we analyzed the effect of genotype on the formation of 61 protein-protein interactions (PPIs) under five drug conditions using an inbred library of Saccharomyces cerevisiae containing ~12,000 SNPs. We found that protein-protein interactions are significantly affected by SNPs, including those within non-coding regions and those located remotely (in trans) on the chromosome, revealing a complex layer of genetic control that expands our understanding of gene-environment interactions and opens new avenues for investigating genetic influences on biological processes and disease mechanisms.

Please note that our event is going to be virtual. Look forward to your participation in this online event!

Link for the meeting:
You can also join with YouTube!
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