October 2022


We are pleased to annonce that we organize our second online workshop in bioinformatics field on 5th October at 4:30 pm. You will listen to Christian Poitras, bioinformatics analyst at IRCM.

Title: Installing software and creating modules on Compute Canada
Resume : I will show you how custom software can be installed on Compute Canada servers and how you can create Lmod modules to make your software easy to use for your coworkers.

If you have SSH access to Compute Canada servers, you will be able to test the installation of the MaxQuant software in your lab’s project directory during the presentation.
If you do not have a Compute Canada account, here is how to apply for an account – https://alliancecan.ca/en/services/advanced-research-computing/account-management/apply-account.
Here is a tutorial on how to access Compute Canada servers using SSH – https://docs.alliancecan.ca/wiki/SSH.

Research area : https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Christian-Poitras

  • Two ways to join the meeting :

via jitsi (link available on RSVP)
via YouTube Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJE_M0OmtrE
See you soon!
PS: If you want to present in a future event, contact us via Meetup or by email at info[AT]monbug.ca

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