Summer hackathon at the Old-Port!

Join us again this year for our summer hackathon at the Old-Port of Montreal.
Register here:
Among the list of hackathons, pick the MonBUG hackathon,

We had a lot of fun last year organizing a hackathon at the HackerFest taking place at the end of the Montreal Startupfest, so we decided to repeat the event this year.

It’s a 24 hour marathon. You can bring your sleeping bag, and sleep on site if you want to. In fact, you are encouraged to spend the night on site.

During the hackathon, you will be given one dataset on which to apply machine learning techniques.
No prior knowledge of machine learning or molecular biology is required.
The winners get bragging rights, a MonBUG t-shirt, and an opportunity to advance scientific knowledge.

The registration fee is 18.98$ (including all taxes and fees), and includes snacks and breakfasts. The fee is mostly symbolic, and does not come anywhere close to covering the costs of the event. If you really don’t want to pay the registration fee, the site will be open to the general public Saturday at 10:00, so you can join us just for the Saturday, but you are encouraged to register officially.

The event is very well-organized. The location is spectacular (tents on the docks of the Old Port), and everything is provided. There will be security provided throughout the event, and there will be food trucks on site (besides the food provided by the event organizers).

There will be other hackathons taking place at the same time, with some of the best programmers in Montreal. We’ll also be collaborating with Bricobio, who will be organizing a hackathon focused on wet-lab biology (

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