Simon Girard

Talk Title :
The personal genome ; A reality or a myth?

Date / Time / Location :
Thursday February 9th, 2012 – 4:00 pm
Room S1-151 at IRIC

Affiliation :
CHUM Research Centre

Simon Girard

Abstract :
The last decade has been revolutionary for the field of genetic / genomic. First, through mass genotyping studies, it has been possible to decipher the complexity of genomic variations. The recent breakthroughs in sequencing studies have allowed us to transpose our knowledge of genomic variations down to the level of a single individual. In the distance, we can see an era where an individual’s genome will be the key to a more personalized and efficient healthcare. However, before we get there, many challenges still have to be overcome. Possibly the biggest of those challenges is the lack of appropriate bioinformatic ressources to bring the personal sequencing to a population scale. Furthermore, our comprehension of many complex diseases is still too incomplete to be transfered to a single individual. The topic of this talk will be to discuss the bioinformatics challenges that stand in the way of the application of personal genome in everyday’s medicine.


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